:: Bulls and Females always for sale

The property is running about 70 registered stud females as well as a commercial herd of 500 Droughtmaster cows with the male progeny and cull heifers finished for the MSA grid, while cast for age and empty females end up being fattened for the export market.

Droughtmaster Cattle

The requirements have always been for easy care females that got in calf each year with no pampering giving progeny with good weight gain, good carcass qualities and good temperament.
The Mt Brisbane cattle have won many carcass, weight gain and prime cattle competitions and while they were showing stud cattle, Mt Brisbane won many Interbreed Champions as well as having many Droughtmaster Champions.

For the last three years we have sold all our steers and cull females into the MSA grid through Swifts.  We have been delighted to see compliance rates of around 90% on each load, a very high compliance rate for purebred Droughtmasters off grass.  This market acceptance is an assurance our cattle are producing commercially relevant and economical carcasses.

Bulls have been sold from Longreach to Moree and many places in between with all sales being made in the paddock.  Bulls are available each year from August, they are sold after semen testing to ensure their fertility.  They are fully vaccinated and prepared on our native pastures.
Any temperament problems are sorted out after weaning when weaners have an intensive working period with bikes and dogs, anything not coming up to scratch is castrated or in the case of heifers, culled.  The cattle run with horses to make sure they will work with them.

Females are joined at 2 years of age in a short joining period and anything not in calf or not having a live calf is culled.  The maiden heifers are joined for an eight week joining with all other females rearing a calf having a 12 week joining. High fertility is essential to remain in the herd. The stud herd is run on the same lines as the commercial herd with only productive females being retained in the herd.  Any stud cow that produces steers or culled females goes into the commercial herd, while heifers have to produce a good quality first calf or they also go into the commercial herd.  As a result the stud herd are all fertile and functional females.

No cattle have been dipped on Mt Brisbane for 30 years so they are naturally tick resistant and any animal with Buffalo Fly rub marks is culled.  Any cow that needs help to calve is also culled so a naturally easy care herd is maintained at all times.


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