September 2016 - Bulls now all sold

We have delivered our final bulls, the last of the bulls we had available for sale. Bulls will be available again in 2017.  Many thanks to our buyers, a mix of new and repeat purchasers. 

June 2016 - MSA compliance

With the last of the steers sold it’s time to sit down and look at our MSA compliance rates. This is our third year of presenting cattle to be graded as MSA and we are happy with our 10% improvement in those three years, but always looking for more. We draft out the steers to be sold onto the MSA grid, they range from milk tooth through to four tooth.
2014 – 79.26% compliant
2016 – 90.35% compliant
MLA provide 7 main categories as to why the carcase doesn’t grade, our non compliant carcases fall into two categories – PH or meat colour is out of spec. These can both be attributed largely to stress on the animal in the days prior to slaughter and are the most common reasons for non-compliance. 
While we are happy with a compliance rate of over 90%, we are still working to reduce the incidence of stress on the animals especially prior to slaughter. We have recently upgraded many of our yards to make drafting easier both on cattle and people and continue to use trusted stockmen and transport companies to ensure the animals are handled gently and calmly. We have also focussed our genetic selection to focus more on temperament through our bull selection and replacement heifer selection at joining. We will continue to purchase low content bulls (as hump height is a measurable trait) and not use HGP’s that downgrades the MSA index. 
Each carcase is given an MSA index, which is a score between 30 and 80 that represents the eating quality of the carcase - the higher the better. Our average this year was 58, higher than the national average of 57.61 (the top 25% of cattle in QLD scored 58.85 or better). A great result considering our bos indicus content and the fact our cattle are grassfed.

Mt Brisbane Droughtmaster Stud MSA compliance

June 2016 – Toogoolawah Show Stud Cattle Results

After close to a twenty year absence from the showring, Mt Brisbane cattle are back thanks to the enthusiasm of local students at Toogoolawah State High School.
We are proud to support the Ag Department of the school. Showing cattle gave our children many opportunities and we are delighted to see so many enthusiastic young students choosing Ag Studies. The school was given the pick of our stud heifers and they purchased three outright. They were also given a young bull to show that is owned jointly with us, sale proceeds of the bull will be split with the school to expand and enhance their Ag program.

We were delighted to see the students parade the cattle so competently with Mt Brisbane Harper awarded Reserve Junior Champion Heifer in the Tropical Interbreed judging at a wet Toogoolawah Show. This was the first outing for the young animals, weaned in the first week of May, sold the week later, broken in and at a show within a month.

The students had taken two of the heifers to the show with the young bull and they combined the animals to be awarded second in the Tropical Exhibitors Group.

Picture : Courtesy Toogoolawah State High School

June 2016 – Toogoolawah Show Prime Cattle Results

Our final show for the year, Toogoolawah. A big turnout with around 300 head of prime cattle at the Showgrounds.
We took 7 head, two pens of 3 and a single exhibit. The cattle placed :
1st : Pen of 3 Steers showing no more than 2 permanent teeth
1st : Pen of 3 steers or Bullocks...

Pictured : Three steers on the left were the 2 tooth pen, they were the Reserve Champion Pen. The steer third from right is the single exhibit with the remaining cattle the open pen.

May 2016 – Esk Show

Our local show this weekend – Esk Show.

A great showing in the prime cattle with over 130 head presented in the yards at the showgrounds.

We took in a body truck and had a successful day :
2nd : Prime Heifer showing no more than 2 teeth
2nd : Prime Heifer showing no more than 4 teeth
2nd : Prime Steer showing no permanent teeth
1st : Prime Steer showing no more than 2 teeth
1st : Prime Bullock showing no more than 4 teeth
1st : Prime Bullock showing 6 or more teeth
2nd : Pen of 3 Bullocks showing no more than 4 teeth

Pictured : Champion Pasture Fed Male later going on to be awarded Reserve Champion Grassfed Exhibit pictured at home before being trucked into Esk Show. This steer was a poddy from 2013, raised on a dairy cow. Now 2 tooth and weighing 596kg he won the Prime Steer showing no more than 2 permanent teeth class. He was sold at the show to JBS for $1,600.

April 2016 – Kilcoy Show

It’s Showtime! This weekend saw us take a body truck up to Kilcoy Show. We were very happy with our results in a strong yarding of over 220 head.
Results (All Grassfed) :
1st Pen of 3 steers showing 2 teeth or less
1st Single Steer showing 2 permanent teeth
Junior Champion Steer
Reserve Champion Grassfed Steer or Bullock
1st Pen of 2 Females showing 2 permanent teeth or less
1st Pen of 2 Females showing 8 permanent teeth
1st Single Female showing 2 permanent teeth or less
All bar one of our exhibits was awarded first place. Congratulations and thank you to the Prime Cattle Committee on another successful show

Left : Our 656kg two tooth steer who was awarded first place in the Two Tooth Single Steer Class and then went on to be awarded Junior Champion Steer and then overall Reserve Champion Grassfed Steer or Bullock. In the sale he sold to JBS for $1600.